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Yaroslav Dyblenko: "We will achieve success if we continue in this manner"

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HC SKA defenseman Yaroslav Dyblenko:

- I congratulate everyone with the victory, and thank you to our fans for the wonderful support inside the Ice Palace today. We gave Saint Petersburg a reason to celebrate, we move on.

- Before playing in the third round of the playoffs, you hadn't played for a month.

- This is the playoffs, you have to find all of your inner strength and energy. I am giving everything on the ice. Unfortunately, the puck hit my stick for CSKA Moscow's goal.

- How did you feel when you were on the sidelines?

- I was out with an injury, before I recovered and subsequently received an opportunity. The coaches have shown faith in me.

- What are CSKA's weaknesses?

- We have to play with intensity and work harder than them. In the previous match, we allowed them to get back into the game with our penalties. Our movement is better than CSKA's, our commitment is there. If we continue in the same manner, we will achieve success.

Yaroslav Dyblenko: "We will achieve success if we continue in this manner"

- What did the coaches say after the conceded goal in the third period?

- No one was upset, we simply needed to continue working. Mistakes are a part of the game, it's not a reason to give up. We continued to stick to the plan.

- In comparison to the previous three matches, what was different today?

- We were solid on the penalty kill, and we blocked more shots and competed well inside our own zone. Yes, we have some bruises after blocking their attempts, but the puck hit our equipment most of the time.

- Why can't SKA stop Maxim Shalunov's line with Konstantin Okulov and Maxim Mamin?

- We are making errors. That is their key line, so we have to be more careful when they are on the ice. We made a step forward today, we're getting there.

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