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Yaroslav Dyblenko: "The Ice Palace has the best atmosphere"

Pre-season trainingYaroslav Dyblenko
HC SKA press-service

- I spent my summer holidays with my wife in the Bahamas. Later, when returning to Russia, I visited my parents and then started training.

- Have you missed ice hockey?

- Of course, you always miss it when relaxing. After my holiday, I spent one and a half months skating.

- How much time to did you require to consider the option of returning to Russia?

- Not very much. I received a good offer, I spoke to my family and here I am.

- What can you take away from the North American experience?

- There were a lot of positives, especially the penalty killing. I became familiar with a new mentality and visited North America. I understood where I need to improve and where I am already strong.

- Have you spoken with SKA's coaching staff?

- Yes, they know me well. We have been speaking since day one.

Yaroslav Dyblenko: "The Ice Palace has the best atmosphere"

- What can you expect from pre-season with lya Vorobyov?

- It will be a regular pre-season. I will follow the coach's demands.

- Your thoughts on the Ice Palace atmosphere?

- The stadium has the best atmosphere, it's really nice playing there. It's hard to find fans like the ones in Saint Petersburg.

- You have a four-year contract with SKA. Are you keeping the Olympics in mind?

- The Olympic Games? Of course, everyone wants to play there.

- Is it easier to be picked for the Russian national team when you're a SKA player?

- No, I wouldn't say that. There are talented players all around Russia, it doesn't matter whether you play for SKA or another club.

- Saint Petersburg have a strong defensive line. Are you afraid of competition?

- There has been competition since childhood, the main thing is the follow the conditions set out by the coach.

- Have you lost confidence?

- Why should I have lost it? I am always confident in myself.

- Will Yegor Yakovlev be successful with the New Jersey Devils?

- Of course! He's a talented guy who competes hard. Yegor also has vast experience of playing in the KHL and at World Championships.

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