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Yegor Yakovlev: "We had a fantastic second period"

Dynamo MoscowYegor YakovlevDynamo Moscow - SKA - 231217
HC SKA press-service

- How important was this victory?

- Following two consecutive defeats, this is a really important win. We began the game carefully, before we had a fantastic second period and managed to see the match out.

- Can you compare the regular season and playoff Dynamo teams?

- It's always tough playing against Dynamo Moscow, it's a real battle. It was the same today.

- Against Dinamo Minsk, there was tiredness among SKA players. How do you feel now?

- Everything's great. We had a day off, and then we started training again. We feel good and we played really well.

- Speak about your goal when you joined the rush.

- When you play with Nikita Gusev, the main thing is to skate into open space. He will always find the right moment to make a pass. My goal is down to him.

- Nikita Gusev made assists and scored goals.

- He had a lot of shots, tried hard and everything went well.

Yegor Yakovlev: "We had a fantastic second period"

- When leading 4:0, was it hard to play in the third period?

- We needed to show our level. The game consists of 60 minutes, we had to continue playing the right way.

- The next match is in Magnitogorsk, your hometown and where SKA won the KHL Gagarin Cup.

- It will be nice to be back in that dressing room again and feel those emotions. It will be a good game.

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