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Yegor Yakovlev: "All teams play their best games against SKA"

SKA - TorpedoTorpedoYegor Yakovlev
HC SKA press-service

- How did the team feel before this game?

- We began poorly, conceded first and it's always difficult to get back into the game after that. We need to prepare for games differently.

- Did Ilya Kovalchuk's injury make things more difficult for you?

- Yes. He is our key player, combination plays go through him, and he was a big loss.

- What conclusions can you draw from this opening home series?

- We need to improve. Every match has to be approached with a good mood, and we need to fight.

- What's the team's problem? The fact that a lot of opportunities are going to waste?

- Probably, and also that we aren't lucky. Joakim Lindstrom couldn't hit an empty net.

- How is Ilya Kovalchuk feeling?

- I don't know.

Yegor Yakovlev: "All teams play their best games against SKA"

- What plans do you have for the upcoming match against HC Severstal Cherepovets?

- We want to win.

- Do you feel how other teams are so motivated to take on the Gagarin Cup holders?

- I know myself that clubs always play their best games against SKA.

- Why did you choose the number 74?

- 44 was already in use, and 74 is the number of my city - Magnitogorsk.

- It was your personal decision to move to SKA. How are things going so far?

- Everything's fine.

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