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Yegor Yakovlev: "We understand that we are in a bad situation"

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- Why couldn't the team win?

- That's a hard question. Something is lacking in every game, we can't win. We are missing confidence.

- What can you do to feel confident again?

- Only through work can we regain our confidence. We need to work hard, play different hockey and score more scrappy goals.

- How do the players feel inside the dressing room?

- We are feeling positive. We understand that we are in a bad situation, but we also know that soon a good period is coming up.

- Does two home defeats increase the pressure on the team?

- Of course, it's horrible to lose especially at home. We will keep working, and luck will come back to us.

- When you transferred from Lokomotiv, did you expect such a crisis?

- In hockey anything can happen, but from this we will only become stronger.

- SKA are in tenth place of the Western Conference. Are you starting to regret moving to Saint Petersburg?

- I don't regret anything. I am sure that we will emerge from this situation, we have a good team.

Yegor Yakovlev: "We understand that we are in a bad situation"

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