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Yegor Yakovlev: "The key to success is to not make mistakes"

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HC SKA press-service

- When a match goes on so long, what do the coaches say to you?

- To refrain from making mistakes. It's the key to success. We made one less error that the opponents and earned the win.

- Emotionally, just how hard was it to win today?

- It was really difficult. We had a good first period, but the second wasn't so good. We conceded a poor goal with only six seconds left. That came as a blow to us, but it's great that we won.

- Why were SKA not great on the powerplay?

- The opponents are analysing how we play on special teams. They were better than our powerplay today.

- Is Andrei Zubarev's goal compensation for what Andrei Kuteikin did in round two?

- You can say that.

- How difficult was it against Oskar Osala and Tomas Filippi?

- Physically, it was tough. They are big guys who play physical.

- Have the goalkeeping changes affected you?

- No. Both of our goaltenders are playing excellently.

Yegor Yakovlev: "The key to success is to not make mistakes"

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