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Evgeny Artyukhin: "We need to keep on searching for our game"

Amur - SKA - 08092015
HC SKA press-service

- Everyone played great today. We regrouped well after the previous defeats, made conclusions and found our game. We need to continue in the same vein.

- Has Andrei Nazarov got his message through to the team?

- You can say that, yes.

- Everyone fought for each other today.

- Yes, we're a team and today we played for each other. We tried to help our goaltender out and block shots.

- Amur still managed to cause you problems though.

- All teams play well and have special motivation to play us. We need to keep on looking for our game - we have things to work over.

- Rate Mikko Koskinen's performance.

- He played perfectly, we're happy for him and his shutout.

- Have you found common ground with your new teammates?

- I have already played with Anton Burdasov a few years ago here. I'm familiar with all the players here, a lot of us have played in one team before.

Evgeny Artyukhin: "We need to keep on searching for our game"

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