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Evgeny Artyukhin: "I'm upset about losing, but it's only the first game"

HC SKA press-service

- How do you feel after the first pre-season match?

- I have a bad feeling after the defeat. We're all a bit upset, but never mind, it's only the first game. We will work over our mistakes.

- Did you feel that Lokomotiv had been training longer than you?

- If I'm honest, I don't know. Yes, it wasn't their first game, but we have both been working hard. It was a bit harder today, as the rink here is bigger than back home. We'll keep on training, and we will start winning.

- SKA conceded all four goals on the penalty kill.

- We haven't worked over our special teams yet. Our legs don't understand how to play again, we haven't got out team game going. We will make conclusions and improve on our mistakes.

- There was a lot of penalties.

- We were slightly nervous, next time we need to focus as to not make such mistakes.

Evgeny Artyukhin: "I'm upset about losing, but it's only the first game"

- Why did you fly to Finland before the team?

- I wanted to arrive in a more convenient time, and I managed to rest and get enough sleep. I think it worked out well, as I feel fresher than the other guys. It's hard to get up so early to fly.

- Is your line with Joakim Lindstrom and Jarno Koskiranta a fixed one?

- Ask the coach. I personally enjoy playing with them, and I would like to continue being in one line together. Maybe we didn't show our best hockey today, but it will get better as we go on.

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