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Evgeny Artyukhin: "We are going to play more physical hockey"

HC SKA press-service

- What feelings do you have from training?

- The mood is a good one, positive. You can say that I have returned home - I have always regarded Saint Petersburg as my second home. My first impressions of the team and coach are excellent, and the atmosphere is great.

- Can we say that SKA are going to play more hard hitting hockey in the new season?

- We haven't gone through tactics yet, but I think that we will improve in this component and play more physical hockey.

- How is your physical shape at the moment?

- Our trainings are fine. We're getting into the working process, everyone is trying hard. After we have worked out hard we are given time to rest. Everything is wonderful, it suits me well.

- The first group who went out running in special vests found it tough going. Are you not worrying about doing that yourself soon?

- No, we've already gone through that exercise. It will be tougher for the second group, as the ice has already been ruffled up by the first lot. Nevertheless I think we will cope fine though.

Evgeny Artyukhin: "We are going to play more physical hockey"

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