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Evgeny Dadonov: "The early goals gave Metallurg a lift"

Evgeny DadonovMetallurg Novokuznetsk - SKA
HC SKA press-service

- What emotions do you have after the game?

- Metallurg are the heroes today, they won.

- You knew that Metallurg have a young team and that they will be pumped up. What went wrong?

- We couldn't defend during that five minute penalty. The early goals gave Metallurg a lift.

- Did you see the episode in which Vadim Shipachyov got chucked out of the game?

- No, I only noticed that the opposing player was laying in the ice.

- How is the team feeling emotionally?

- Not great. We need to get through this tough and prepare for the next game.

- Have you found common ground with your new teammates?

- We're all professionals, and play with who we are told. Everyone can play with anyone.

Evgeny Dadonov: "The early goals gave Metallurg a lift"

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