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Evgeny Ketov: "We understand which aspects require improvement"

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HC SKA press-service

HC SKA forward Evgeny Ketov:

- Have you managed to rest following the first round of the playoffs?

- Yes, we had two days to rest. It's good that we only needed five matches to progress past Dinamo Minsk, consequently we have enough time to prepare for the next phase of the competition.

- SKA lost four times to Dynamo Moscow during the regular season. Are you feeling the pressure?

- To be honest, I haven't even thought about that fact.

- What aspects of SKA's game require improvement? Also, please summarise the series against Dinamo Minsk.

- We know what needs improvement, but I'm not going to tell you. All of the matches against Minsk were tense and hard-fought, they always battled to the end in every game. That is a key quality which we will also use.

- Are you expecting any surprises from Dynamo Moscow?

- It would be better to ask Dynamo that question.

Evgeny Ketov: "We understand which aspects require improvement"

- So SKA don't have any issues with playing against Dynamo Moscow?

- As I have already said, we are not thinking about what happened in the regular season. Different players and circumstances affected those matches. Honestly, we are not spending any time thinking about those games at all.

- There is an opinion that SKA can neutralise Dynamo by taking Vadim Shipachyov's line out of the game. Do you agree with that?

- I think that we need to focus on playing against Dynamo Moscow as a team, rather than pointing out certain players. Anyone can achieve a positive result for their respective team. We will try to play closer to them.

- Are you satisfied with SKA's special teams? There seemed to be an improvement in that regard as the series against Dinamo Minsk progressed.

- We're always working on our special teams at every training session. It depends on the opponents too, they are analysing our strengths and weaknesses.

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