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Igor Ozhiganov: "We need to turn our expectations into reality"

Pre-season trainingIgor Ozhiganov
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SKA defenseman Igor Ozhiganov:

- I returned to Saint Petersburg on Monday. I had a great summer, I spent it with my family on holiday before subsequently beginning to prepare for the season in Moscow.

- So you missed the heatwave in Saint Petersburg?

- It's been really hot in Moscow over the course of the past month, it was between 32 and 34 degrees celsius every day. My air conditioning at home helped!

- In terms of percentages, how ready are you for the campaign?

- 70%. The remaining 30% will come at the training camp.

- How did you train during the off-season?

- I skated in Moscow not far away from home with Nikita Gusev, Alexei Marchenko and some of CSKA Moscow's players. We had the gym at 9 am and time on the ice at 11 am.

- Do you know any of SKA's new signings?

- I played with Lars Johansson for CSKA. I saw the guys from Vityaz Podolsk when playing the national team.

- What expectations do you have for the 2021/2022 season?

- We always have the same expectations every year, we simply need to turn them into reality. I want to wish the fans patience, the new season isn't far away! Continue supporting the team like you always do.

Igor Ozhiganov: "We need to turn our expectations into reality"

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