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Igor Ozhiganov and Vasily Tokranov speak after beating Dinamo Minsk

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HC SKA press-service

HC SKA defenseman Igor Ozhiganov:

- It was a tough start for us, Dinamo Minsk pinned us inside our own zone. They competed with aggression and unleashed a lot of shots. However, we subsequently managed to gradually take control of proceedings.

- What are Dinamo Minsk's strengths and weaknesses?

- Minsk like to shoot a lot, consequently creating a lot of work for us on our crease. They are an aggressive team in the attacking zone.

- Will you have a day off tomorrow ahead of the KHL Gagarin Cup playoffs?

- We are working hard every day. Tomorrow isn't an exception.

HC SKA defenseman Vasily Tokranov:

- How did the coaches motivate you for this match? SKA have long been guaranteed to finish in second position of the Western Conference.

- They get us pumped up in the same way for every game, regardless of whether it's the regular season or the playoffs. We need to win all of our matches, it doesn't matter who we are playing against.

Igor Ozhiganov and Vasily Tokranov speak after beating Dinamo Minsk

- In the third period, it seemed as though SKA were doing everything possible in order to avoid Dinamo Minsk in the first round of the playoffs.

- No, that wasn't the case at all. The opponents simply managed to score two goals in quick succession. Overall, Minsk proved that they're a good team throughout the entire regular season.

- You made your 400th KHL appearance today. How do you feel?

- I certainly don't feel old! I didn't even know that this was my 400th league game.

- Which aspects of the game require improvement ahead of the playoffs?

- Our powerplay certainly needs to improve, special teams decide a lot in the knockout matches. Also, we have to avoid losing the puck so often at the opposing blue line so that we can avoid counter-attacks.

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