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Igor Ozhiganov: "I've missed the atmosphere inside our dressing room"

InterviewPre-season trainingIgor Ozhiganov
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA defenseman Igor Ozhiganov:

- How was your summer?

- I spent time in Moscow with my family, relaxing at first and then subsequently training. I picked my son up from nursery after lunch. Alongside being a father, I also played computer games.

- What have you missed the most since the 2021/2022 season ended?

- Probably, that would be the atmosphere inside the dressing room. I've also missed the matches and our competitiveness.

- SKA have signed some new players. Do you know any of them?

- I have played with or against all of them. I don't know Roman Rukavishnikov that well, but we are both from Moscow and were born in the same year. We'll have time to talk at our training camp in Novogorsk.

- There will be a record amount of matches in the 2022/2023 KHL regular season.

Igor Ozhiganov: "I've missed the atmosphere inside our dressing room"

- Yes, September and October will be busy, but there will be breaks later on. For the guys who used to play at the Euro Hockey Tour, nothing is changing.

- What is your favourite part of the pre-season?

- When the Nikolai Puchkov Tournament takes place at the end of August, as that means that the season is almost here! All training camps are tough, but we have to work hard and be patient.

- Will you compete in the upcoming Novogorsk Games during the maiden training camp?

- Yes, I promise! I already know one competition which I will certainly take part in. My main competitor has left, so I will be one of the favourites to win.

- This year, did you participate in any gaming competitions?

- Yes, I travelled to a tournament with both professional and amateur gamers. We reached the semi-finals of our particular tournament.

- Leave a few words for the supporters.

- I want to wish them to be patient for September. Attend all of our home matches, hopefully there won't be any restrictions this season. We will do everything possible in order to achieve positive results.

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