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Igor Ozhiganov: "Anything can happen in ice hockey"

AvtomobilistIgor OzhiganovSKA - Avtomobilist - 080921
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HC SKA defenseman Igor Ozhiganov:

- Of course, you don't feel positive after losing. We started well today, we protected the puck in the attacking zone and competed on the front foot. However, we then conceded two strange goals. I'm not blaming anyone, these things happen in ice hockey. Alexander Samonov won two away games for us in Cherepovets and Yaroslavl, we don't have any problems with him at all. We subsequently tried to equalise, while Avtomobilist caught us on the counter.

- Did you support Samonov in the dressing room?

- Of course, we're a team! We needed to get the win after those goals, but we just couldn't do it.

- When you played 6-on-5, why couldn't you score at least the third goal?

- Avtomobilist blocked a lot of our shots, especially Patrice Cormier. They didn't allow us to get the puck on net. The two strange conceded goals? Anyone can make mistakes, this is ice hockey.

Igor Ozhiganov: "Anything can happen in ice hockey"

- How did you support Kirill Marchenko after his own goal?

- We said that there were 40 minutes left to save the game. In the past, I also contrived to score an own goal, these things can happen. What can you do.

- Did you expect Avtomobilist to focus on defence throughout the entire match?

- They seemed to immediately play with an emphasis on their defence, they didn't put pressure on us. They tried to catch us with counter-attacks.

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