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Igor Shestyorkin: "We had a great second period"

Igor ShestyorkinAvtomobilistAvtomobilist - SKA - 080119
HC SKA press-service

- How did you manage to win so confidently?

- We tried to play our best ice hockey and we managed to do just that. Our second period was excellent, we took advantage of our opportunities to score while the opponents struggled.

- Personally, how did you prepare for this match?

- It's interesting to play against teams like Avtomobilist. They like to shoot a lot and play in a North American style. Today, it didn't happen for them.

- In the third period, you went down with an injury. How do you feel now?

- I'm fine. There was a blow to an unprotected part of my leg, but the injury was given some ice spray and there isn't any problem.

Igor Shestyorkin: "We had a great second period"

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