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Igor Shestyorkin: "The coaches will analyse my performance"

Igor ShestyorkinDinamo Riga - SKA - 060917
HC SKA press-service

- How would you rate your performance?

- I don't really know. There weren't a lot of shots to save, the guys blocked shots while other attempts flew wide. The opponents played on the penalty kill regularly, so the majority of the play came in the other zone. The coaches can analyse my performance.

- Oleg Znarok stated that he wasn't very pleased with the match. What would you say?

- The main thing is that we won. We'll put our mistakes right. It was our third away game in a row, our energy is slowly running out. We will prepare for the final match on this road trip.

- What are your expectations before playing Severstal Cherepovets? Can they stop SKA?

- We'll see how the match pans out. They have a good team which plays well at home. I saw that they won their past few games in Cherepovets.

Igor Shestyorkin: "The coaches will analyse my performance"

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