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Igor Shestyorkin: "I am grateful for my teammates' commitment"

HC SochiIgor ShestyorkinHC Sochi - SKA - 301115
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- What emotions do you have after your season debut?

- It was a tough game. Sochi are a good team, and have been playing good hockey recently winning and losing with a difference of one goal. It was quite hard, but I am grateful to my teammates for their commitment. They blocked a lot of shots during the first period and all game long. I wanted to play as committed as them.

- Could you have saved the two shots from which Sochi scored?

- You can save every shot. For the first goal I could have saved the shot with my pad had I emerged from my net more. When they scored their second, I was too deep in my net. I lack experience, but I will work over this.

- How comfortable is it to play with such defencemen?

- It's really nice, I can't explain it with words. It's an honour for me to play in such a team with such players.

- Was there a feeling that the game would be ended in overtime and not on penalty shots?

- It would have gone all the way, but everything worked out well for us. Nikita Gusev scored, and I am happy because I really wanted to win this match.

Igor Shestyorkin: "I am grateful for my teammates' commitment"

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