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Igor Shestyorkin: "You never get tired of winning"

Igor ShestyorkinSpartakSpartak - SKA - 091017
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- Do you remember how many KHL shutouts you have this season?

- Four, probably.

- Speak about today's match.

- It was a good game, the guys tried hard. The first period wasn't great, but we scored in the second stanza and managed to win.

- Are you tired of winning?

- You never get tired of winning.

- It seems that SKA's players don't feel the pressure of the winning streak?

- Yes we're not bothered about it. We prepare for each separate match and try to win.

- Spartak had a couple of 1 on 1 opportunities. Did SKA lose concentration?

- Maybe.

- The morning skate took place very early.

- I went to sleep after that, I only woke up before the game.

Igor Shestyorkin: "You never get tired of winning"

- You are playing more often than Mikko Koskinen at the moment.

- He was ill for a while, so he couldn't travel for the away trip. Now we are playing half of the matches each.

- Has Mikko took offence to the fact that you play a lot?

- We need to look at the statistics to see how many games we have played.

- Five home games are coming up.

- It's always nice to play at the Ice Palace, I hope that we will continue winning games.

- Which opponent was the toughest for you?

- It was difficult against Avangard Omsk in the first period.

- SKA have beaten Spartak by a combined score of 9:0 in these two games.

- Spartak have a good team, but they didn't take advantage of their opportunities. Had they scored, it would have been more difficult for us.

- Before the match, did you speak to Alexander Dergachyov?

- Yes, he tried to put pressure on me at the red line, but he's so tall I actually couldn't hear him.

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