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Igor Shestyorkin: "I need to make full use of my chances"

Igor ShestyorkinSpartak MoscowSKA - Spartak - 021215
HC SKA press-service

- How was the game from your position?

- The whole team had a good game, everyone fought, tried and scored good goals. We simply needed to be patient and finish the game.

- How did you calm yourself down before this game taking on your former team?

- I got pumped up for a normal match. I was given a chance, and I need to make full use of it. It didn't matter who I was playing against.

- There were a few tough moments in the first period, and you made an amazing save. Take us through that episode?

- I wouldn't call it a great save, the player simply shot over the net. Luck was on my side.

- Did you put him off in some way?

- No, he scared himself.

- Will you celebrate this shutout?

- No, I will train a bit more now and then travel home to rest.

Igor Shestyorkin: "I need to make full use of my chances"

- Did playing against Spartak motivate you in a special way?

- No, I repeat again that it was a usual match. Any game is important for me, we need to win.

- This was your second game for the main team this campaign. Do you plan to give Mikko Koskinen real competition and knock him off the top spot?

- I am simply working and trying to show my level.

- At what point did you start to watch the clock and get nervous about keeping a shutout?

- I try not to think about that during the match, when I do that I often concede goals.

- At the end of the game, Gleb Klimenko had a big chance for Spartak.

- I didn't see where the puck went.

- How important was it to keep a clean sheet for SKA today?

- The main thing for me is to win, it doesn't matter if I keep a shutout or not.

- Did you feel that the team were working to get you a shutout?

- Yes, the guys gave everything. Andrei Zubarev made a lot of blocks in front of me not letting the opponents shoot, and I am grateful to him and all of my teammates.

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