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Players and coaches speak about the start of the SKA Development Camp

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Daniel Bochner, player development coach:

- We want to develop the players' skills as much as we can. This camp is very important, because we are paying a lot of attention to the individual development of the players. We are trying to help them individually so that they can help the team.

- These events happen regularly in Canada, but this is the first of its kind in Russia.

- Yes. We are trying to show give the players the best training models and facilities so that they can develop in the SKA system. It's a great experience for us, the players and the whole club.

Lars Johansson, SKA methodist-coach:

- The main goal of this training camp is to improve the players' skills and their power skating. They need to perfect their technical ability, and it's important to do this before the season starts.

- How important is it to hold a full training camp? There was a similar project created by SKA last year.

- This year, we are focusing more on the skating. The guys have started with real desire. Our job is maybe to allow them to spread their energy across the course of the entire camp.

Players and coaches speak about the start of the SKA Development Camp

Evgeny Kalabushkin, SKA system defenseman:

- This development camp is an excellent opportunity for young players to improve components of their game. Everyone here knows that this is a useful initiative which will help all of us, especially given that we're training with such great coaches.

- What are your personal goals for this camp?

- I need to improve my skating, shooting and other techniques. My goal is to improve.

- Is it difficult to return to ice hockey after the summer holidays?

- We are professionals. After a short rest, we began to prepare again. The coaches gave us training plans for the summer which mainly covered physical preparation.

- How is the work going with the coaches here?

- It's nice to work with professionals: here, we have some Russian and foreign coaches, who are sharing their experiences with us.

Artyom Zhuk, SKA system forward:

- I am glad to be here so that I can more comfortably move into pre-season preparations. The focus is on skating and technical ability. It's important that we are focusing on exercises, rather than speed. We are given tasks and they speak about the small details which you don't always notice. I am confident that this camp will help me, and everyone else, moving forward.

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