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SKA players at the Olympics. Final

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Finland - ROC (2:1)

Defenseman Mikko Lehtonen and forward Leo Komarov became the first foreign SKA players to win the Olympic Games, as Finland defeated ROC 2:1 in a tense battle. Furthermore, this was the first time when foreign SKA players won a major international competition. In 2016, fellow Finns Mikko Koskinen and Jarno Koskiranta had earned second place at the World Championship in Russia.

Forward Nikita Gusev is the maiden SKA player to pick up two Olympic medals. Out of the 15 SKA players who won Olympic gold in 2018 in South Korea, he was the only one to play at this year's tournament.

Just like in 2018, when he tallied 12 (4+8) points, Gusev became the leading Russian points scorer with six (0+6) points to his name.

Having participated in 12 Olympic matches, Nikita has indeed made more appearances at the tournament than any other SKA player.

SKA players at the Olympics. Final

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