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SKA players at the Olympics. Round 1

Nikita GusevOlympic GamesLars JohanssonOscar FantenbergMat RobinsonMikko LehtonenLeo Komarov
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ROC - Switzerland (1:0), Sweden - Latvia (3:2), Finland - Slovakia (6:2), Canada - Germany (5:1)

Nikita Gusev became the second Russian player to participate in two Olympics as a SKA player, following in the footsteps of Ilya Kovalchuk (2014, 2018). Furthermore, Norwegian forward Patrick Thoresen had competed at the Games in 2014 and 2018 for his country.

Goaltender Lars Johansson and defenseman Oscar Fantenberg represented Sweden at the Olympic Games for the first time as SKA players. It's also worth noting that Lars became the first SKA goaltender to earn an Olympic win for the Swedish national team.

For the first time since joining SKA, defenseman Mikko Lehtonen and forward Leo Komarov played for Finland at the Olympics. Moreover, Mikko became the first SKA Finnish player to tally a point (0+1) in the maiden match of the tournament.

Defenseman Mat Robinson became the first SKA player to represent Canada at the Olympic Games. Overall, SKA players have now represented Russia (18), Finland (4), the Czech Republic (3), Sweden (3), Kazakhstan (2), Ukraine (1), Norway (1) and Canada (1) in Olympic history.

SKA players at the Olympics. Round 1

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