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SKA players at the 2018 Olympic Games

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February 14. Russia - Slovakia

12 SKA players competed in an Olympic match for the first time. Forward Ilya Kovalchuk played at his second Olympic Games as a SKA player.

Overall, SKA players have 50 Olympic Games matches under their belt.

Vladimir Gavrikov scored the 10th Olympic goal by a SKA player.

February 15. Finland - Germany, Norway - Sweden

Mikko Koskinen and Jarno Koskiranta made their Olympic debuts.

Norwegian Patrick Thoresen played at his second Olympics under contract at SKA.

For the first time in history, Sweden had a SKA player on their Olympic roster - Patrik Hersley. The Norway - Sweden match saw two SKA players on different teams play against each other (Patrik Hersley and Patrick Thoresen.

February 16. Russia - Slovenia, Finland - Norway

Amazingly, SKA players racked up 15 (4+11) points in the 8:2 Russian victory against Slovenia. 13 SKA figures participated in the game, a new record.

Jarno Koskiranta registered his first Olympic assist.

Patrick Thoresen is the second SKA player after Ilya Kovalchuk to score goals at two separate Olympic Games.

Mikko Koskinen picked up his second Olympic victory.

SKA players at the 2018 Olympic Games

February 17. Russia - USA

All of Russia's four goals in the 4:0 triumph over the Americans were all scored by SKA players, something which had never happened before. Nikolai Prokhorkin and Ilya Kovalchuk netted two markers each in the fixture.

Ilya Kovalchuk has four goals at these Olympic Games, a new record among SKA players.

February 18. Sweden - Finland

Mikko Koskinen is the first SKA goaltender to compete in three Olympic matches. In the past, Maxim Sokolov (2006) and Alexander Salak (2014) had played in two games at the competition.

February 20. Slovenia - Norway, Finland - South Korea

For the first time in two Olympic tournaments, Norway earned a victory with Patrick Thoresen on the ice. He also took the 25th SKA assist at the Olympic Games.

Mikko Koskinen and Jarno Koskiranta made it 100 Olympic matches for SKA players.

February 21. Russia - Norway, Canada - Finland, Sweden - Germany

Nikita Gusev scored the 20th Olympic goal by a SKA player.

After this game, Nikita Gusev moved on to 7 (1+6) points in the tournament and Ilya Kovalchuk earned 6 (4+2).

Patrik Hersley netted the first goal at the Olympic Games by a SKA player for the Swedish national team.

February 23. Czech Republic - Russia

Vladislav Gavrikov gained Russia's 20th goal at the tournament and the 25th scored by a SKA player.

February 25. Russia - Germany

Incredibly, for the first time in Olympic history, SKA players had a hand in every single one of Russia's goals at the competition. Our guys took 52 (18+34) at the 2018 Olympic Games.

Nikita Gusev became the Olympic top scorer with an impressive 12 (4+8) points, including two goals in the gold medal match.

Sergei Kalinin is the first Russian player to win the World Junior Championship (2011), the senior World Championship (2014), and the Olympic Games (2018).

At these Olympic Games, SKA players took 57 (20+37) points.

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