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Alexander Barabanov and Maxim Karpov speak about beating Kunlun Red Star

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SKA forward Maxim Karpov:

- How did the first Sochi Hockey Open match go?

- We won, so everything's positive.

- After tough training camps, how is the atmosphere within the team?

- It's better to play rather than train, but training camps are required. Nevertheless, it's nice that they're already behind us.

- Alexander Barabanov was fantastic today.

- Yes, he was great! It would be really good if we all scored four goals in a game.

SKA forward Alexander Barabanov:

- When was the last time when you scored four in one match?

- To be honest, I can't remember. It was probably during my childhood.

- Why did you play so well?

- We're tired after our training camps, but everything went my way. However, all players in my line have played together since last season and that helped us. The puck went into the net.

Alexander Barabanov and Maxim Karpov speak about beating Kunlun Red Star

- How did the training camps go?

- They were tough, we did a lot of running.

- Do you want to play at the 2018 Olympic Games?

- Yes, I have dreamed about this in the past. However, my dream of playing at the World Championship has already come true.

- Will it be interesting to see how Canada play?

- To be honest, I would like to focus on my own game.

- Has the team changed a lot since last season?

- The young players are trying to prove themselves. It's good that they have a chance.

- Do you want to go in the sea?

- Yes, maybe I'll go and have a swim now.

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