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How SKA players performed for their respective national teams

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November 10-11. Sweden - Czech Republic and Finland - Russia

Following these matches, 100 different SKA players have now participated in the Euro Hockey Tour. Alongside the Russian players, Swedish goaltender Lars Johansson and Finnish defenseman Mikko Lehtonen were on the ice for their respective nations. Overall, among SKA players, 82 Russians, 10 Swedes, five Finns and five Czechs have competed in the tournament.

November 13. Russia - Sweden and Finland - Czech Republic

At the age of 16 years, 11 months and four days, SKA forward Matvei Michkov became the youngest player to score for the senior Russian national team. The previous record had been held by Alexander Ovechkin (17 years, 11 months, 21 days);

At the age of 18 years and 10 days, Arseniy Koromyslov became the youngest SKA defenseman to represent the senior Russian national team. Fellow defenseman Nikita Smirnov (19) also made his senior international debut in the same game.

Furthermore, Arseniy dished out an assist.

How SKA players performed for their respective national teams

The senior Russian national team lost for the first time with SKA goalkeeper Yaroslav Askarov standing between the pipes.

Mikko Lehtonen registered the 200th Euro Hockey Tour assist by a SKA player. Moreover, he became the 65th different SKA player to make an assist in the competition.

November 14. Russia - Czech Republic and Finland - Sweden

As well as winning the opening stage of this season's Euro Hockey Tour, Lars Johansson was named its best goalkeeper. Lars became the 27th SKA player to win the Finnish phase of the Euro Hockey Tour.

Russian Olympic team, Russia U20, Belarus

Elsewhere, goalkeeper Alexander Samonov played in two of the three Germany Cup matches for the Russian Olympic team, forward Maxim Groshev scored during his sole appearance, defenseman Yury Pautov tallied one goal in three games and forward Zakhar Bardakov competed in all three matches.

In Sweden, the under 20 Russian national team won the Four Nations, with SKA defenseman Mikhail Berezovsky and forwards Daniil Lazutin, Ilya Ivantsov (2+2) and Kirill Tankov (1+1) participating in all of the three games. For Belarus, SKA forward Alexander Skorenov picked up three (1+2) points as his senior national team won the Four Nations as well.

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