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Ilya Kablukov: "We're preparing for the KHL playoffs"

Ilya KablukovAdmiralSKA - Admiral - 180118
HC SKA press-service

- Ilya, happy birthday. You gave yourself a present today.

- Yes, but the guys helped me too.

- Was this match easier that the game against Spartak Moscow?

- It was difficult at the start, but then it became easier. Admiral have young players in their team at the moment, they know that they aren't going to make the KHL playoffs. However, they are fighting to get in the team next season.

- Have you ever seen both goalkeepers skate to the bench at the same time when a penalty was coming?

- No, I haven't seen that happen before. We didn't understand what was happening, neither did the referees.

- Did you say something to Igor Shestyorkin in the break after that incident?

- No, because we thought a penalty was coming to Admiral. We shouted to Igor telling him to skate to the bench, but we didn't know what happened when Admiral had the puck but the referee didn't blow his whistle. It's good that Andrei Zubarev blocked the ensuing shot.

- Are you thinking about winning the trophy for the KHL regular season?

- No, we simply need to keep playing. We're preparing for the playoffs, while others are looking forward to the Olympic Games. Our task is to win every game.

- Do you have thoughts about going to the Olympics?

- We will see on January 25.

Ilya Kablukov: "We're preparing for the KHL playoffs"

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