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Ilya Kovalchuk: "We had more chances than Barys"

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- Does the score reflect the game?

- If you watched the match yourself, you will know that we had more chances than they did. We were better than Barys.

- This was your first three point game of the campaign. Do you feel better without Andrei Nazarov?

- I have a lot of respect for Andrei as a person and as a coach. He had it tough when he arrived here, half of the team had left and there are always problems after a championship winning season. With Barys, he is proving that he is a top level coach.

- Did you look back over the game in Astana before today?

- Of course. During the first period in Kazakhstan we had plenty of chances, but then we began to concede goals and eventually lost.

- Did we see you speaking with Andrei Nazarov before the match?

- No.

- What advice did you give to Damir Ryspaev?

- That will remain between us. He's doing his job, and if he will grow up, people will react to his fights differently. He's a strong, technical guy. I think that the fans enjoyed the fight, Evgeny Artyukhin and Damir Ryspaev fought well.

Ilya Kovalchuk: "We had more chances than Barys"

- How is Evgeny's eye?

- Everything's fine.

- Did you pay attention to the fact that Barys had won six games in a row before today?

- Of course, the coach spoke to us about that.

- Was there a set task to get pucks on to the crease?

- Yes, they have a good goaltender and we needed to block his view in order to score. On the powerplay we changed our tactics slightly, and when at equal strength we tried to shoot and crash the net more.

- Did Alexander Kadeikin not get lost in your line?

- No, I think that we did well.

- What did you enjoy more, Alexei Ponikarovsky's or your goal?

- Neither, I liked the fight at the beginning of the game.

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