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Ilya Kovalchuk: "We want to beat the KHL record in the next match"

Ilya KovalchukSalavat YulaevSalavat Yulaev - SKA - 041017
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- How did your teammates congratulate you with your hat trick?

- The main thing is that we won. Nikita Gusev scored four goals in the previous game, and today I managed to grab a hat trick. We managed to match the KHL record for consecutive wins. Hopefully, we will beat it in the next match. We can expect a lot of fans at Friday's home game.

- Can we compare Igor Shestyorkin's passing skills to Pavel Datsyuk?

- Igor plays really well with the stick. It's great.

- You had a disagreement with Linus Omark.

- You have to play a physical style against the opponent's leading players. I was given a penalty, but the guys managed to kill those two minutes successfully.

- After that game, you didn't shake hands with him.

- He was speaking with the referees. I am always ready to look at him in the face and shake hands.

Ilya Kovalchuk: "We want to beat the KHL record in the next match"

- What did the fans shout at you?

- Nothing, everything's fine. We shook hands afterwards. They support their own team.

- Overall, how did this road trip go?

- After starting poorly in Yaroslavl, we spoke about beginning this match well. Today, we scored on two quick powerplays and Igor Shestyorkin made important saves.

- Comment on the situation with Linus Omark again.

- What difference does it make? I have already forgotten about what happened. It's a game, there are high emotions on the ice. We're happy now, but we will get ready for the match against Novosibirsk.

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