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Ilya Kovalchuk: "We've added another trophy to SKA's history"

Ilya KovalchukCSKA MoscowSKA - CSKA - 210817
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- It was a good match, despite it still being summer. The quality of the ice wasn't great, but all of our players tried their best. We won in front of our own fans. We've added another trophy to SKA's history, it's really good that we could do this.

- Is the team ready for the season?

- We managed to win today. It's the start of the season, so we'll improve with every match. It was a tough pre-season, and it's still hot weather here. Thanks to the fans for their support, we had to give 100% effort today.

- How do you feel after beating CSKA Moscow?

- They have a good team, but I'm not worried about other clubs. I'm focused on our team. I think that we can go home with our heads held high.

Ilya Kovalchuk: "We've added another trophy to SKA's history"

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