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Ilya Kovalchuk speaks about the victory against Barys

Ilya KovalchukBarysBarys - SKA - 250917
HC SKA press-service

- In the third period, did SKA become tired?

- It's our third road game, we were 4:0 up and we didn't need to score more goals. We needed to see the match out.

- Some fans think that the referees make the wrong decisions.

- The refereeing committee analyse what happens in matches, it's not our job to think about that. When we dominate for two periods, it's obvious that opponents are going to make more fouls.

- Where were Barys weaker than SKA?

- We started the game well. Before the game, we started about the importance of starting matches in positive fashion. Two quick goals were scored.

- SKA have won all 15 matches so far.

- No one is thinking about the winning streak, we prepare for each separate match. Our team is strong.

Ilya Kovalchuk speaks about the victory against Barys

- You have spoken about the Kazakh national team before.

- I want to say thank you to both Barys and Astana. It's nice to come here, especially given the new infrastructure. Three years ago, Barys played at an old rink, but now they have a good team and great fans. Barys are a good example for how other KHL clubs should act.

- By looking at your Instagram account, you enjoyed being in the city.

- I really liked being here, I was even left surprised. When I opened the curtains in the morning, there was a great view from the window.

- Your opinion on Barys defenseman Kevin Dallman?

- He is a good, technical defenseman. He gets a lot of points for the team, especially on the powerplay.

- If the World Cup would have taken place five years ago, would Nikolai Antropov had made the Team Europe roster?

- Of course. We played together in the NHL, and we still talk now. I think that he ended his career too early. Nevertheless, he enjoys seeing his son play now. Hopefully, his son will play in the KHL soon.

- Will you travel to the KHL All-Star Game?

- If the fans vote me in, I will be happy to come back here. It's nice to travel to such a city.

- Are there any doubts that you will be voted to participate?

- I will do everything to make sure that fans vote for me.

- Are 60 KHL matches with all the long flights more difficult than 80 games in the NHL?

- It's pretty much the same.

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