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Ilya Kovalchuk: "We played tight defence against CSKA"

Ilya KovalchukCSKACSKA - SKA - 231017
HC SKA press-service

- Everything seemed to go well. We played tight defence, especially during the first 50 minutes. Igor Shestyorkin made big saves when he needed to. We got lucky with the first two goals, the goalkeeper's view was blocked. We won the match and move on.

- In comparison to the first match in Saint Petersburg, have CSKA improved?

- To be honest, it doesn't really interest me. Both games were tense, and it's good that we earned two victories.

- Is the coach changing the centre forwards in preparation for the Olympic Games?

- I don't know, it would be better to ask Oleg Znarok that question.

- How was it playing with Nikolai Prokhorkin?

- It was fine. He gave me an assist, hopefully it won't be the last.

- Before this game, you hadn't scored for a while.

- It doesn't matter. The main thing is that we won.

Ilya Kovalchuk: "We played tight defence against CSKA"

- Was it more difficult without Patrik Hersley on the powerplay?

- Vyacheslav Voynov is playing really well. They are both valuable players.

- How strong are CSKA and Jokerit?

- They are both good teams. Really talented guys play for those clubs. Almost all of Jokerit's players compete for their respective national teams, the same can be said for CSKA. The Muscovites have a lot of young players, but they have a big future.

- Jokerit caught SKA up on lost points. Is there intrigue in the KHL?

- It's journalists' job to write about that. Our job is to prepare for games and win.

- Which photo will you put on Instagram today?

- We'll see. I will have a think.

- Do you choose your own photos?

- Of course. I have a personal photographer who takes photos of me everywhere (laughs).

- Are all of the posts on Instagram your own?

- Yes, starting from this year. My eldest daughter told me: "Dad, you are behind the times, even I have Instagram." I replied to her saying that I have Instagram, but the club used to run it for me. However, after looking at the comments, I decided to do it myself. It's nice to speak with the fans.

- Is it nice to see CSKA's first sell-out game of the season?

- To be honest, such matches need to take place at different arenas. I don't know why they don't play at Megasport, there would have been a full stadium there too. Hopefully, CSKA will compete in the playoffs at Megasport.

- If you play at the Euro Hockey Tour, will you have enough energy?

- Of course. We train every day. The schedule is normal. I have been through this many times, whereas others haven't. The main thing is to recover. As you become older, the less you can allow yourself.

- In terms of intensity, have there been more quality games this season?

- I think that the games with Kazan and Jokerit were tense and had a fast pace. Also, it was a tough match against Nizhnekamsk. We won, but lost a lot of energy.

- Who would you point out in the race to become top scorer?

- Nigel Dawes has scored more goals than appearances. You can never forget Sergei Mozyakin, he can score from anywhere on the ice. Nikita Gusev is playing well too.

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