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Ilya Vorobyov: "The smallest details are important in the playoffs"

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- Can you summarise the KHL regular season?

- The regular season is only a part of the entire campaign. I think that it will be best to summarise everything when the season ends. Hopefully, everything will be fine.

- How are playoff preparations going?

- Yesterday we had a day off, before we all gathered here today. We have new energy and strength.

- Seven defensemen were at today's training session.

- Tomorrow, everyone will be training.

- Did you expect to play Spartak Moscow?

- We looked at our four possible opponents. It so happens that we will play Spartak.

- What do you need to study ahead of playing these opponents?

- The smallest details are very important. Each faceoff e.t.c..

- Who will be the starting goalkeeper?

- We won't be giving away any secrets.

- How are the injured players feeling?

- I would be shooting myself in the foot if I spoke about that now.

- Can you say something about Spartak Moscow?

- They're a good, solid team with good players. Yes, our most recent match against them went well, but in previous games, we went to overtime against them. We're preparing. In the playoffs, everything is different, it's knockout ice hockey.

Ilya Vorobyov: "The smallest details are important in the playoffs"

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