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Jokerit - SKA - 6:0

Match reportJokeritJokerit - SKA - 030120
HC SKA press-service

Unfortunately, SKA suffered a heavy defeat in the first KHL regular season match of 2020, as HC Jokerit Helsinki tallied a large 6:0 victory in Finland.

After the first period finished goalless, Jokerit suddenly burst into life in the second stanza, scoring five goals through Brian O'Neill, Peter Regin (2), Steve Moses and Mikko Lehtonen. Two of them were registered on the powerplay.

Ahead of the third period, SKA did swap Alexei Melnichuk for Magnus Hellberg in net, but it made little difference as Alex Grant grabbed a sixth.

SKA will now travel to Belarus for the next game against Dinamo Minsk on Sunday.

Match protocol:

Jokerit - SKA - 6:0 (0:0, 5:0, 1:0)


1:0 O'Neill (Joenssu, Regin), 24.59

2:0 Regin (Kivisto, Moses), 30.59

3:0 Moses (Norman), 34.17

4:0 Regin (O'Neill, Joenssu), 37.31

5:0 Lehtonen (Kontiola, Jensen), 38.50

6:0 Grant (Moses, Norman), 55.58

Goalkeepers: Kalnins - Melnichuk/Hellberg

Shots on target: 31 - 19

Faceoffs: 18 - 30

Hits: 11 - 14

Penalty minutes: 4 - 10

Referees: Olenin, Frano

Linesmen: Bersenyov, Yudin


Jokerit - SKA - 6:0

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