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Jokerit - SKA. Press-conference

Press-conferenceJokeritAlexei KudashovJokerit - SKA - 031020
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Alexei Kudashov:

- I don't have to say a lot, the score says it all. It shows how we performed. There wasn't enough movement, the opponents won all of the battles. We wanted to keep the puck and play our game, but the exact opposite happened.

- Why didn't Anton Burdasov travel?

- He has an injury.

- How serious is it?

- We don't know, he is being tested.

HC Jokerit Helsinki head coach Lauri Marjamaki:

- The atmosphere was good within the team in the morning. We knew that it would be a serious test, SKA have a good team. The goalkeepers were excellent in the first period. We played great on the powerplay, and I want to thank the team for this performance.

Jokerit - SKA. Press-conference

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