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Jokerit - SKA. Press-conference

Press-conferenceJokeritOleg ZnarokJokerit - SKA - 021217
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Oleg Znarok:

- It was a really good game. We're happy that we won. I think that the fans also enjoyed the match.

- Do you believe that more outdoor KHL matches will take place in the future?

- I would like more open air games to be held. There was a great atmosphere, and lots of fans came to the stadium. Everything was fantastic.

HC Jokerit Helsinki head coach Jukka Jalonen:

- I congratulate SKA with their victory. Today, the strongest team won. In the first period, SKA completely dominated the match. We improved in the second and third periods, but we didn't play at the level which was required. Nevertheless, it was an excellent game with a great atmosphere and lots of fans. We're really happy that this match was organised, but we feel upset because we lost.

- Are such matches needed in the future?

- I am more than confident that our Russian friends can host these games no worse than us.

- The fans booed the referees at the end of the match.

- They have a right to express their opinion.

Jokerit - SKA. Press-conference

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