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Jokerit - SKA. Press-conference

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HC SKA press-service

HC SKA coach Harijs Vitolins:

- I congratulate Jokerit with their victory. It was obvious how much the guys have missed ice hockey, they hadn't played for a month and we had players from the VHL playing. With 12 thousand fans inside the stadium, it was difficult to get started in this match. We created chances, but mistakes were made too. The players tried hard after a long break.

- How impressed are you with the debutants?

- Despite starting the game with nerves, they played with desire. They created opportunities to score. They got lost in their own zone at times, but they stuck to the game plan.

- Did you believe that you could score when pulling the goaltender?

- We needed to get a goal back, the faceoff was in the opposing zone. We always fight until the end, but we couldn't score today.

- Are you disappointed that you're working while everyone else is celebrating?

- We have already celebrated, we're getting back to work now. The players are tired, so we decided to give them a rest. Oleg Znarok is tired too, being a head coach comes with added responsibility. The club is preparing for the KHL playoffs.

HC Jokerit Helsinki head coach Jukka Jalonen:

- I am satisfied with the victory. We were 0:2 down, but we managed to get back into the game. Five goals were scored and it was an entertaining match. Like Harijs said, the players have missed ice hockey during this break. We know which seed we are for the KHL playoffs, we're waiting for our opponents.

Jokerit - SKA. Press-conference

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