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Jokerit - SKA. Press-conference

Press-conferenceJokeritIlya VorobyovJokerit - SKA - 060119
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Ilya Vorobyov:

- It was a good, physical, playoff like match. We knew that the opponents would play aggressively, and we stuck to the game plan.

- In recent matches, SKA have only scored in the third period of matches. Did you put an emphasis on scoring early in Helsinki?

- Every match is different. In previous games, we attacked a lot, while today it was an even match between the two teams. Of course we wanted to start well.

- SKA have once again beaten Jokerit. Is it because the Hartwall Arena is similar to the Saint Petersburg Ice Palace?

- I don't think the stadiums are similar. We prepare for each individual match.

HC Jokerit Helsinki head coach Lauri Marjamaki:

- Even if this sounds strange, we gave a good performance today. However, the second period was poor. In the third frame, we could have got back into the game, but we needed to take advantage of our opportunities. We move on.

Jokerit - SKA. Press-conference

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