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Joonas Kemppainen: "We played well during the closing stages"

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Joonas Kemppainen: "We played well during the closing stages"

HC SKA forward Joonas Kemppainen:

- I think that we played well for the majority of the game. However, we allowed them to have too many scoring chances, especially in the first period. We have to thank Alexander Samonov, who was excellent today. We had a great second period with three goals, but we allowed them to score their second marker in the third frame pretty easily. Thankfully, we did well in the closing stages.

- How tough were the closing 10 minutes when SKA were only leading by one goal?

- They were tough. Only the best KHL teams are left in the competition now, so you can't allow them to score easy goals. The opponents gained momentum after we took a couple of penalties. It's good that we scored the fourth goal and got the win.

- Was your goal a planned combination play with Evgeny Ketov?

- I can't say that we trained that move, but I knew that he was going to play the puck towards the net. It bounced perfectly for me.

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