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Jori Lehtera: "I had been waiting for this game"

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Jori Lehtera: "I had been waiting for this game"

- How was it to play in your first official match in Saint Petersburg?

- It was great, I was waiting for this game for a long time, especially given that I played for Sibir for three years. It was a good audience, and it was a lot of fun today.

- What happened in the third period after initially leading 3:0?

- We started to play lazily, losing the puck. We played well during 40 minutes today, but when playing against big teams, we must play for the entire 60 minutes. This was a lesson for us as we move forward.

- Is it more difficult or easier to play on the smaller ice in Saint Petersburg?

- I think it makes the season more interesting when you play on big, medium and small rinks. Every game is a different challenge with different tactics. It will be an interesting season.

- Is it tough to adapt to the smaller ice after playing on a large rink?

- I have just played for five years on the smaller rink, so it's easier for me. You have to play in a more simple manner on the small ice.

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