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Ivan Morozov: "We tried to play our brand of ice hockey"

Dynamo MoscowIvan MorozovSKA - Dynamo Msk - 120120
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- This was your first KHL match of the season.

- Yes, and it was my maiden KHL game in which I received a lot of minutes on the ice.

- You were placed in the fourth line with your teammates. How did you feel after the ceremony?

- In all honesty, we tried not to pay attention to that, we wanted to play our own brand of ice hockey which we displayed at the World Junior Championship. I love playing with these guys.

- Did you cope with your nerves?

- I don't really get nervous.

- There was a feeling that you continued to play at a high pace like at the World Junior Championship.

- We were asked to play in the same way. I think that we managed to do that.

- How do you feel emotionally after the World Junior Championship in the Czech Republic?

- It's already history, we have to prove our worth again.

Ivan Morozov: "We tried to play our brand of ice hockey"

- Your line crashed the net more than any other.

- We played in accordance with the task which the coaches gave us. It was the same as at the World Junior Championship.

- Were you worried about being benched after the goal which Maxim Afinogenov scored?

- No, it was the first period. The coaches didn't tell us off, everyone understood the situation.

- SKA had a lot of chances without scoring plenty of goals.

- The Dynamo Moscow goalkeeper played well.

- Is it easier to play only with fellow young players alongside you?

- We understand how each of us play. We know who will open up in what part of the ice. It's a bit easier for us.

- Was it tough to get used to a different style of ice hockey?

- A little bit, they used a different technique for the faceoff draws. We simply played our own style of ice hockey.

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