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Changes to the SKA management group

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Changes have been made to the SKA management group.

In accordance with the decision made by the Board of Directors in order to improve the management of the team, Roman Rotenberg has been named the head coach. Valeri Bragin is the senior coach, and Alexander Titov is now the assistant to the head coach of SKA-1946.

SKA Hockey Club thanks Valeri Bragin for his efforts as head coach of the senior team, while also thanking him for continuing to help the management group and the team with his vast experience.

Valeri Bragin:

- The most important stage of the season is starting, less than 10 matches are left until the Olympic Games begin. The management group is continuing to work together, we're all working to achieve our common goals.

Over the course of the past month, we have tried out the option of Roman Rotenberg working as the head coach. Everything worked, we have achieved positive results. Therefore, we have decided to formalise this. I will continue working with the team as the senior coach.

The management group has serious targets. On one hand, we need to make sure that the national team candidates are in the peak of their form for the Olympics, while on the other we have to prepare the team for the playoffs. It's important to keep the balance and achieve our goals.

Changes to the SKA management group

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