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Harijs Vitolins: "We need the players to compete with emotions"

Dinamo MinskHarijs VitolinsSKA - Dinamo Mn - 191217
HC SKA press-service

- A lot of SKA players participated at the Channel One Cup. How do they feel?

- They feel good, all of them came back from the national team with positive emotions. The main thing is to keep the level of performance which the players displayed at the Channel One Cup. I think that the stadium will be full, there is only one home match during December. The fans will help us show great ice hockey.

- Dinamo Minsk have had a long time to prepare for this match, while SKA's players have competed in lots of games. Who has the advantage?

- The tempo and intensity which was witnessed at the Channel One Cup should be there in today's match. Only two days have passed since the last game. However, this might take its toll in the future. The team, which has been training over the past week, has gained energy. Their players can perform better long-term. Our players might be tired during a future match, but today they should play well.

- Danila Galenyuk will make his SKA debut today.

- He is a national team player, we'll see how he can play at senior level. This is the only day when he hasn't got a match with the national team, in the VHL or in the MHL.

Harijs Vitolins: "We need the players to compete with emotions"

- What are Danila Galenyuk's qualities?

- We will see in this match. If he plays for the national team, it means that he's good enough. In this game, we'll keep an eye on how he follows the game plan and how aggressively he competes. This is good for the future.

- Why won't Vyacheslav Voynov play?

- He has received a lot of ice time, and in recent games, we got the feeling that he's becoming tired. Needing to rotate the squad, we decided to give him a rest. Four away matches are coming up. The injured players are coming back into the team, we will change the roster so that everyone gets ice time.

- Dinamo Minsk play solidly on special teams.

- We have analysed their special teams. The opponents play a Canadian style of game, and their coach comes from Canada. He wants them to shoot from any position on the ice. Nevertheless, we have our own plan for when we play shorthanded. We showed the guys what to expect from Dinamo Minsk, and they need to play with commitment. So far, the players have done a good job of blocking pucks on the penalty kill. Today, we require more of the same.

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