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Harijs Vitolins speaks before playing Jokerit

JokeritHarijs VitolinsSKA - Jokerit - 211017
HC SKA press-service

- How does the team feel after a break?

- We managed to rest a bit. There was time to workout in the gym too. I think that the guys will have a good mindset for this match.

- What are Jokerit's strengths?

- Now, Jokerit aren't a typical Finnish team. In the past, they played a more passive, compact game, but now they play fast and aggressively. When they have the chance, they put the pressure on and are aggressive when on the penalty kill. Overall, they play like us. I think that it will be a fast, dynamic and physical game. We can't make mistakes, because Jokerit are good on the counterattack. All of their guys and strong physically.

- Everyone wants to snap Jokerit's winning streak.

- These series are for you, the journalists. For us, it's a match against an opponent from the same division and conference. We will play four games against each other, but each win gives the club a psychological boost. They want to prove that they're stronger. Jokerit were awkward opponents for us last season, so we need to prove that we can beat them.

Harijs Vitolins speaks before playing Jokerit

- The roster hasn't been changed a lot since the previous game.

- Yes, we decided to keep the lines largely the same. We can always return to the previous line combinations.

- Are you building the lines with a view to the Russian national team?

- At the moment - no. Things will be different there anyway. We have strong opponents coming up, we need to look at all of the guys.

- Maxim Chudinov left SKA. Will you purchase another defenseman?

- I don't think so. We have enough defensemen. Yegor Yakovlev is looking forward to play after his injury, but Anton Belov is still injured.

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