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Harijs Vitolins: "We will keep the line changes the same"

AvtomobilistHarijs VitolinsAvtomobilist - SKA - 271217
HC SKA press-service

- When will Patrik Hersley be ready to play?

- It's hard to tell, he has a broken finger and back problems. He is running, but I can't say when he will be on the ice again.

- You made changes to the lines. Why?

- Oleg Znarok saw that the match wasn't going well in Magnitogorsk, something had to be changed. We discussed together who to change and what line combinations to create. It worked, so we want to keep those changes for the match against Avtomobilist. However, that doesn't mean that we won't amend things during the game.

- The changes are down to the good performance in the previous match?

- Yes, everyone did a great job in Magnitogorsk. There was excellent movement, and everyone started to play differently. Having new line partners increases your concentration.

- Is there new chemistry within the team?

- We need to see if they can build it up. Someone could get injured before the playoffs, we need to have different options.

- Who will be the goalkeeper today?

- Igor Shestyorkin.

Harijs Vitolins: "We will keep the line changes the same"

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