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Harijs Vitolins speaks before playing Amur

Harijs VitolinsAmurSKA - Amur - 200118
HC SKA press-service

- SKA have won the 2017/2018 KHL regular season. Are you satisfied?

- Overall, yes, but there are more matches ahead. We need to keep on playing our style of ice hockey. Other teams lost, but that hasn't given us an excuse to relax. The season continues, all matches carry responsibility. The fans come to the stadium, meaning that we don't hold the right to think that we don't need points.

- Amur are fighting for the Gagarin Cup playoffs. Does this make SKA's task harder?

- No, it's actually a good thing. We need matches when the opponents are trying their best. They will give everything in this match, their players will block pucks and show commitment. These games are like the playoffs.

- Who will be in SKA's net?

- Igor Shestyorkin.

- How is Pavel Datsyuk?

- He is slowly getting back to his best. Everyone makes mistakes, but we know his level and quality. There's still time. The fact that he isn't scoring doesn't show what shape he's in. We know his qualities, they will be on show at the Olympic Games.

Harijs Vitolins speaks before playing Amur

- The match with Jokerit will take place two days after the Olympic Games final. Did you not want to move the game to a different day?

- We aren't looking that far ahead. Things will become clear later.

- It might be too late then.

- When can we play this match? After that game against Jokerit, there is another one immediately before the KHL playoffs. January? We have a preparation program with the national team.

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