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HC Sochi - SKA - 1:3

HC SochiMatch reportHC Sochi - SKA - 041018
HC SKA press-service

In Sochi, SKA continued the promising start to this 2018/2019 KHL away series, defeating the hosts 3:1 inside the Bolshoi Ice Dome. Head coach Ilya Vorobyov made a few changes to the line-up, notably replacing Nail Yakupov with Maxim Karpov. Konstantin Barulin and Igor Shestyorkin were the starting goaltenders.

Inside the opening two minutes, our players made the breakthrough, as Nikita Gusev got the better of Konstantin Barulin with a wicked attempt. However, not willing to give SKA an easy ride, Stepan Starkov equalised on the slot and made it 1:1 after 20 minutes of play.

It was turning into a tense affair, but in the second stanza, Alexander Barabanov and Alexei Byvaltsev struck gold to secure a 3:1 triumph against HC Sochi!

Match protocol:

HC Sochi - SKA - 1:3 (1:1, 0:2, 0:0)


0:1 Gusev (Datsyuk, Hersley), 01.06

1:1 Starkov (O'Dell), 17.34

1:2 Barabanov (Gusev, Zub), 24.21

1:3 Byvaltsev (Hersley), 28.32

Goalkeepers: Barulin - Shestyorkin

Shots on target: 17 - 21

Faceoffs: 16 - 25

Hits: 10 - 8

Penalty minutes: 4 - 2

Referees: Odins, Schenyov


HC Sochi - SKA - 1:3

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