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HC Sochi - SKA. Press-conference

Press-conferenceOleg ZnarokHC Sochi - SKA - 081217
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Oleg Znarok:

- I congratulate Sochi with their victory. It was a good game. I think that we are to blame ourselves, we needed to have the right mindset for this match.

- Did other pressing issues distract you?

- Everything is fine at home.

HC Sochi head coach Sergei Zubov:

- Luck was on our side. We caught the opponents out because it was their final away game on this road trip, physically we played at the same level. A lot of the guys played with both a lot of desire and a cool head. I wouldn't like to point anyone out, because the team deserved this win. Everyone tried and fought hard. They did a great job.

- Did the veterans or young players have a bigger effect?

- It was a mix. As I have already pointed out, all of the guys deserve praise.

- Stepan Starkov was given a lot of ice times. In one word, how can you describe his performance?

- Very good.

HC Sochi - SKA. Press-conference

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