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Interviews after the seventh match against CSKA Moscow

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HC SKA forward Marat Khusnutdinov:

- It was a wonderful series, we have a fantastic team. Luck always plays a part in a game seven. It was a good season for us, I would like to thank the fans for their fantastic support. This city has the best fans which I have seen. We will be stronger.

- Will you play for SKA-1946 in the final of the MHL Kharlamov Cup playoffs?

- Let's see what the coaches say.

- This was your first KHL Gagarin Cup playoff campaign. In comparison to other leagues, how was it?

- The fact that I played in the KHL playoffs for the first time was a great experience for me. The guys helped me play in the right way. I can say that the price for any mistake is really high, but we had a good playoff campaign overall. We could have advanced to the next phase.

HC SKA forward Mikhail Vorobyov:

Interviews after the seventh match against CSKA Moscow

- Thank you to our brilliant fans who supported us throughout the campaign, thanks to the coaches, the staff members and the management who did their work to the highest level. It's difficult to draw conclusions when you are full of emotions. Later on, we will analyse what happened.

- What went wrong on the powerplay?

- In the third period, Andrei Kuzmenko found me when I was completely alone at the high slot, but the puck took an awkward bounce and I couldn't control it. We were lacking accuracy. Perhaps we needed to shoot on goal more.

HC SKA forward Alexander Volkov:

- Thank you to our fans for their passionate support, Saint Petersburg has the best supporters in the KHL! It was a fantastic series, two strong teams competed against each other. We have a young, promising team, all of our main victories are ahead of us.

- This was your maiden KHL playoff campaign.

- It was a useful experience for all of us, we have a young team. Such games allow you to learn a lot of required aspects. The opponents were more experienced than us, but we will become stronger.

- You have participated in vital NHL Stanley Cup playoff games. How do the Gagarin Cup playoffs differ in comparison?

- There are no differences. I would like to point out the professional work of our club and coaches, we had analysed the opponents in detail and were given a lot of motivation. We had a great desire for today, but we couldn't get the job done.

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