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Kirill Kirsanov speaks after playing Salavat Yulaev at home

Salavat YulaevKirill KirsanovSKA - Salavat Yulaev - 230921
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HC SKA defenseman Kirill Kirsanov:

- It was a tough match, we competed against a strong opponent. We were too relaxed for the first two periods. After that, we tried to make a comeback, but it was too late. Salavat Yulaev used their scoring opportunities.

- What was so difficult today?

- Salavat didn't show anything special, but we did not have the right mindset. Did the large victory against Amur on Tuesday have an effect? No, I don't think so.

- However, Amur and Salavat are teams of different levels.

- We have the same approach for all opponents, we always want to show our best ice hockey in every game.

- You and Daniil Pylenkov were often on the ice against Salavat's Finnish line.

- On the ice, you can feel that you're competing against players of a high calibre. Nevertheless, we didn't think about the names on their jerseys, we simply did our job.

- Do Salavat have one of the best powerplays in the KHL?

- There are a lot of teams which are strong on the powerplay. I'm not the coach, so I can't judge that.

Kirill Kirsanov speaks after playing Salavat Yulaev at home

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